HMS Wager wins Cock of the Fleet trophy, 2 November 1945

Five Petty Officers and a junior rating with the Cock of the Fleet trophy (usually won in a rowing regatta), on the fo’c’s’le of HMS Wager, at anchor in Hong Kong.
The barrel of the 4.7-inch gun of B turret is above the head of the Petty Officer, at back left, and A turret is directly behind the group. A requisitioned ocean liner, probably a troopship, is also at anchor, in the background. The date and location have been established by reference to AB (R) Len Ackroyd’s journal, where he writes “Flotilla holds Racing Whalers’ Regatta – we win it”. So far identified: At front left, Petty Officer Bill Anderson; back right, Stripey Fellowes; front right, Paddy Welch; back left, Barton (gun layer).

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