I set up the HMS Wager site as I was surprised, excited and saddened by the photographs that my father left behind. The experience of being involved in a project like this has been somewhat cathartic. I am happy to give my time and efforts to something which others may in the future enjoy whether it be from an historical or personal perspective. The idea came into being after I posted a few pictures on the BBC ‘WW2 People’s War’ site and was then contacted by numerous individuals who either served, or had relatives who served in HMS Wager or other W class destroyers. Evenings spent scouring the internet brought forth very little information, and I became hungry to know more about what these men experienced. It also became apparent that a collection of photographs such as these was quite a rare thing. It is a pleasure to share them and I hope others may find them inspiring, and the site informative.

Whilst I am happy to fund the maintenance of this site, anyone wishing to make a contribution can do so using the link below or by post.

Vincent G Savin
April 2008



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