Lt Cdr Lester May RN

Lieutenant-Commander Lester May

I am indebted to Lieutenant-Commander Lester May Royal Navy for help, advice and background information.

Lester has been an invaluable help in ship and officer identification and has invested much time in researching and writing the sections on The British Destroyer, HMS Wager – W class Destroyer, The Ship’s Organisation, The British Pacific Fleet & The 27th Destroyer Flotilla, and the compilation of the ship’s likely Scheme of Complement and the details of the ship’s company.

Many of the photograph captions have been expanded with his help, and now offer far more information to the casual viewer than I would have been able to provide. His background and naval knowledge have made this a much more informative site than it otherwise would have been.

I hope that the site goes at least some way in doing justice to his painstaking efforts. Lester’s father, Walter May, served for nearly three years in HMS Wager, joining the ship in 1944 as a three-badge Able Seaman (Leading Torpedo Operator). He died in 1982, age 76.

Lt Cdr Lester May RN
Lt Cdr Lester May RN – 31 May 1989
Son of AB (LTO) Walter May of HMS Wager