Bob Cadman seriously injured in accident as HMS Wager patrols Sakishimo Gunto

Robert Cadman writes:

Bob Cadman

HMS Wager was on patrol at a place called Sakishimo Gunto, which is near Samosa in the China Seas. During a manoeuvre at full speed, Wager hit a wave head on and my father and another crewman were crushed by the water near to A Gun – the other man was only saved from being washed overboard because his leg got caught in the side railing wires. My Dad tells me that as a result his one leg was shortened and he was invalided out of the Navy. Dad cannot remember his name at the moment but does however remember where he lived – in Wolverhampton!

My Dad was really badly hurt, they found him covered in blood with part of his head ripped off (he still bears the scars under his hairline). He was taken to the Captain’s cabin where Surgeon Lt Gayman sewed him back together. He was later told by members of the crew that he looked so bad they thought he would be going over the side wrapped in the Union Jack!